Car Steering Wheel Lock Anti-Theft Car Lock 360 Degree Rotation Lock Safety Device Fit for Cars,Trucks, Vans and SUVs


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  • 🔐【Anti-wear protection】: The lock beam is made of high-hardness alloy steel, and the lock handle is made of high-quality artificial PU leather, which brings double protection to your car!
  • 🔐【Three-way lock design】: The steering wheel is locked in the left, right and airbag directions. Difficult to cut, it can effectively prevent drilling, prying and theft.
  • 🔐【Safe and reliable】: The steering wheel lock core adopts the blade lock core design, which can prevent the master key from unlocking. When the thief forces the lock to be unlocked, the airbag will sound an alarm to scare away the thief.
  • 🔐【Escape tool】: When encountering danger, it can be used as a safety hammer to break glass with a pointed cone. Protect the safety of you and your car!
  • 🔐【Special design】: The steering wheel lock can be rotated and locked by 360 degrees, which is suitable for most cars, light trucks, trucks and suvs with thicker coverings.

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DIWANGUS Steering Wheel Lock, Protect Your Car From Theft!

—Special Design: The lock core adopts the blade lock core design to prevent the master key from unlocking. And it can be rotated and locked 360 degrees, which is suitable for thick steering wheels.
—Durable : The use of high-quality alloy steel and high-quality PU leather can ensure maximum strength and durability, and long-lasting use.
—Safety Hammer: When you are trapped, you can break the glass and escape to protect your safety. Great safety escape tool!
—Automobile General Anti-Theft Lock: suitable for most cars, light trucks, vans and SUVs.

1. Rotate the double hook to the top.
2. Place the lock on the steering wheel and place the airbag baffle.
3. Fasten the double hooks to the steering wheel.

1. Vehicles with a steering wheel diameter greater than 7cm cannot be used (too large).
2. There is no need for a key to lock. The fixed hook can be rotated counterclockwise (closed), but not clockwise (opened), and can only be opened with a key.

Product Parameters:
Product Size: 38 X 8.2 X 6.3cm (length x width x height)
Product Net Weight (without packaging): 1.3 KG
Applicable Steering Wheel Thickness: 3-7cm
Product Material: Alloy steel

Packing List:
1 x Lock
2 x Keys
1 x Sponge Pad
1 x Hex Wrench