16 inch Pot Rack Wall Mounted Pots and Pans Hanging Rack Stainless Steel Kitchen Lids Utensils Hanger Kitchen Rail Organizer with 16 Hooks 2 Packs


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  • ✔【2 PACKS KITCHEN POT RACK 】DIWANGUS kitchen pot rack can be used to hang pots and pans and various other kitchen items: spoons, gloves, knives, forks, pots, pot covers, strainers, whisks, brushes Wait.
  • ✔【STURDY & DURABLE】The wall-mounted pot rack kitchen pot rack is made of high-quality stainless steel material, with a widening and thickening design, using thick stainless steel pipes, which have strong bearing capacity and make it more stable. The thickened base is flat and close to the wall without falling off or loosening.
  • ✔【SAVE SPACE IN THE KITCHEN】The pot rack adopts a wall-mounted design, which makes full use of the unused wall space in the kitchen. Placing messy kitchen utensils on the pot rack can make the kitchen look neater and save the kitchen countertops and cabinets Space.
  • ✔【POT RACK STRUCTURE】The kitchen pot rack is 16 inches long. The kitchen pot rack is composed of two parts, and the inner hanging rod can place the pot cover. The outer hanging rod can be placed with hooks. We have equipped you with 16 hooks. The hooks can easily move back and forth on the hanging rod. At the same time, you can adjust the gap between the hooks and the number of hooks according to the size of your kitchen utensils.
  • ✔【WIDE USE】In addition to installing in the kitchen, you can also install the wall-mounted rack in other places, such as: bathrooms, cloakrooms, balconies and other places. It can be used to hang bathroom towels, clothes, jewelry, handbags, keys, green plants, etc. It is very suitable for family kitchens and utility rooms.

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DIWANGUS kitchen pot rack is an ideal choice for you to save space in the kitchen. It can also be used as an exquisite gift for family and friends who are good at cooking.

product features:
1. Wall-mounted kitchen pot racks are very suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, cloakrooms, balconies, corridors, garages, storage rooms and other places.
2. A variety of purposes, can hang all kinds of things: soup spoons, knives, forks, pots, pot covers, whisks, keys, towels, etc.
3. The kitchen pot rack can be used as an exquisite gift for mothers, girlfriends and friends who are good at cooking. It is an excellent gift for saving kitchen space.
4. The wall-mounted design makes full use of the unused wall space in the kitchen and saves kitchen space.
5. It is made of stainless steel material, the stainless steel pipe is widened, and the base is thickened to make it more stable and stable without falling off.
6. Easy to install, follow the instructions, you can easily install the kitchen pot rack.

installation steps:
1: Measure the distance between the two holes on the wall, make a mark and drill a hole with a percussion drill.
2: Use a hammer to drive the stud into the wall.
3: After installing the studs, align the product with the holes and install the screws to fix it. The installation is complete.

Product parameters:
–Product material: stainless steel, chrome plated
–Installation method: wall-mounted
–Scope of application: kitchen, bathroom, balcony, utility room, etc.
–Product size: 40 * 7 * 6.5 cm

Parts List:
2X hanging rod
1X base bag
1X hook bag
2X screw pack

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